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Graybar Fresno

2626 Hamilton Ave
Fresno, CA 93721-3206



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Thursday: 8:00AM–4:30PM
Friday: 8:00AM–4:30PM
Saturday: Closed
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1-800-GRAYBAR (472-9227)



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Graybar Fresno

As a full service branch of Graybar, our Fresno location is a complete sales office, with a wide inventory warehoused on-site, will call pickup, and counter services at your disposal.?

Founded in 1869, Graybar has a long reputation as one of North America’s leading commercial and industrial?lighting suppliers. If a customer needs an end-to-end solution for a lighting project, switchgear upgrade, or even a half-mile of electrical conduit, we deliver it when and where it is needed. Our warehouses stock thousands of high-quality electrical supplies from hundreds of top-shelf manufacturers such as General Electric, Acuity Brands, Philips, Lutron, and many more.?

Through our distribution network and value-added services, such as kitting and integrated solutions, we help our customers power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence, and most importantly, efficiency. Over 30 percent of the electricity used in modern commercial buildings is wasted. Improving profitability is a chief concern among our customers, as it should be. Graybar’s solutions such as lighting not only drastically reduce energy consumption, but also have been shown to cut maintenance costs and improve employee productivity and safety.?

Retrofitting your existing buildings is an easy and effective way to make your businesses lighting and other electrical systems more energy efficient. In as little as 24 months, many of our customers have seen a return on investment of up to 45 percent. Rising electricity costs and environmental concerns have commercial building managers and government agencies both looking for an energy strategy that will save money and protect the environment. The amount of old lighting material wasted during a retrofit is minimal, due to most electrical supplies being able to install directly into the existing fixture housings, saving time and wall or ceiling repair costs.?

The lighting systems used today are far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than previously. Lighting waste from the products of decades past, however, can contain hazardous materials such as mercury. As such, there are strict federal guidelines pertaining to the safe and ethical disposal of old lighting products. As an industry leader, and one of the largest commercial and industrial?lighting suppliers in the country, Graybar Fresno takes pride in setting an example for recycling and meets or exceeds all federal regulations.